Woolf Group Recruiting to Go Beyond What is Possible

Year after year, technology keeps on moving. It never sleeps, never pauses for breath. There’s no time to rest on the laurels of your last great innovation because winning doesn’t depend on your last success, it depends on your next. The technology industry is like the giant boulder chasing Indiana jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark: if you don’t stay ahead of it, it will roll right over you.


Every tech firm out there knows the secret to success is putting together a great team. You need talented individuals, but they won’t get far alone. You need professionals with different specialisms to gel, to bounce great ideas off each other, to grow together and to produce great products from ground-breaking ideas. That’s why, to build a great team, you need a great team builder. You need a recruitment consultancy that is consistently ahead of the boulder. You need Woolf Group.


Based in London, Woolf Group’s reach extends far beyond the South East of England. They are the trusted advisors to some of the world’s best technology practitioners. They are the preferred recruitment partner of some of the most famous names in technology. From small to medium sized tech firms, to multinational corporations, Woolf Group and their employees are known internationally for their ability to provide exactly what is needed to build a successful tech team. 


The Woolf Group consultants are experts in recruitment and have a deep subject knowledge and understanding of specialist technology niches. Technology professionals who want to further their career prefer Woolf Group consultants because they know they are talking to people with a real grasp of their subject. They appreciate the recruitment approach taken: it involves in-depth discussions wherein the consultant really gets to know the candidate.  This helps in finding the best possible position to suit the candidate, but it also helps the candidate find out about themselves and what they really want to achieve.


With an impressive list of contacts in the tech world Woolf Group consultants know of opportunities far and wide. Having in-depth knowledge of their clients’ businesses means they have an idea when opportunities are about to present themselves putting Woolf Group’s jobseekers ahead of the curve.


Woolf Group offers permanent and contract solutions to staffing challenges, executive search, talent management consultancy and managed services. Permanent placement means finding out everything about the client’s business drives, aims and ambitions. It means getting inside the company to see what makes it tick. Then they can judge what is needed to take the existing team to the next level.


Long or short term contractor provision also entails business analysis. If a client needs a tech specialist to cover an absence, or to help in the delivery of a project, it has to be someone with the skills and experience to make a difference, not just someone to make up the numbers. They need to drop straight in and produce results. 


The ability to choose the right person for a client, and indeed, the right firm for the jobseeker, is one that takes hard work, dedication and many years’ experience. That’s why you should contact Woolf Group at the earliest opportunity.


IT professionals, register your CV with Woolf Group. Companies in need of skilled tehnology specialists, contact us for a confidential discussion.


Posted on Friday Jan 20