Managed Service Programme

Our Managed Service Programme (MSP) works through a ‘single engagement, multi-sourced’ model.


This means you only need to have one point of contact (us), and we take care of every aspect of the recruitment platform. This includes managing other suppliers, processing payroll, engaging with contractors, and taking care of all legal compliance.


Do I need a Managed Service Programme?

This solution is ideal if you:

  • depend upon a lot of contract and temporary workers
  • have a disparate supplier base
  • need to ensure you are complying with complex employment regulations
  • or - most often - all of the above.


The main benefit of a Woolf Group MSP is consistency: we manage a supply chain that connects you to the best-in-breed suppliers available, all at consistent commercial rates.


We also make sure every contractor or temporary worker is engaged under standard contracts and conditions. And you directly benefit from having a single contractual relationship and consolidated monthly invoice, which drastically reduces your administration.


So while quality goes up, costs go down. We make sure you continue to see savings and quality improvement year on year.